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Adsnapshot Limited is an IT Consulting Service and management company committed to delivery very high quality customer service and experience . Adsnapshot staff are well trained and experience IT solution experts positioned to meeting the actual need of all our clients as required.

We have a 24/7 online customer service line where we can be reached for prompt response to all the queries of our client.
At Adsnapshot we always think about ways to exceed our customers expectation, we ask our clients the relevant questions to fully understand their Information Technology requirement in order to meet their service needs.We always go the extra mile to answer even those hidden questions on your mind.

At Adsnapshot Limited we also offer our clients a wide range management training service to help them boost personal and business productivity. Our training are always geared toward meeting a need. You tell us what the problem is and we give you advice on the best training to attend

[/tab] [tab title=”What We Do”] At adsnapshot we offer a wide range of IT Services geared towards meeting the business objective of our clients.Some of our IT Services includes:

  1. IT Support (IT Help Desk).
  2. Web Design and Hosting.
  3. Cloud Storage.
  4. Structured Cabling and Networking WAN and LAN.
  5. ERP Consultancy.
  6. Online Advert Management.
  7. IT Management training.
  8. Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  9. Software Development.
  10. IT Staffing and Outsourcing.
[/tab] [tab title=”Partners”] Our partners are At Adsnapshot Limited we are able to offer a wide range of quality IT Services with the help of our partner network. We leverage on the capabilities of our carefully chosen industry giant partners to give our clients the best IT solution and service they may require to grow their business.






[/tab] [tab title=”Our Values”] [dropcap bg=”#fff” color=”#222″]1[/dropcap] Honesty At Adsnapshot Limited we ensure we are honest with all our clients about our service promise and deliver our service according to agreed customer expectation.

[dropcap bg=”#fff” color=”#222″]2[/dropcap] Service Time : meeting our customers timeline is important to us at Adsnapshot, we do all that is necessary to keep project dead line, Service Time : We value of customer’s time and we understand the important of keeping to service time line.

[dropcap bg=”#fff” color=”#222″]3[/dropcap] Customer Satisfaction is important to us at Adsnapshot Limited, therefore all our services is tailored towards meeting the need of all our clients.We take customer complaints we seriously and we try to resolve any issue with 24hours.

[dropcap bg=”#fff” color=”#222″]4[/dropcap] Respect for the Individual Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects Adsnapshot’s values.

[dropcap bg=”#fff” color=”#222″]5[/dropcap]Integrity : At Adsnapshot we understand that the integrity of our service represents not only our integrity but those of our clients so we render quality service maintaining both our integrity and that of our clients. We always respect and listen to the opinion of all our customers because it does matter in delivering a satisfactory service .
[/tab] [tab title=”History”] [spoiler title=”2004-2005″ open=”1″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] The CEO of Adsnapshot Limited envisioned starting an IT service company September 2004 ,at the time the major services of the was computer repairs and installation of windows OS on desktop and Laptop computers for individuals.The team at the time also deployed VSAT for internet connection for some businesses at the time [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”2005-2007″ open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] In 2005 the scope of operation further broaden to IT support services for financial institutions and small and medium size organisation, We help manage their computer system and in installing Banking applications like pheonix, columbus and T24. We also provide services in LAN and WAN setup using structured cabling and router installation for new branch or office set-up. We also help in deploying ATM in several location across Africa [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”2008-2011″ open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] We further strengthen our IT capabilities by entering into meaningful partnership with other IT companies to leverage on their IT expertise and experience to bring smiles on the faces of our customers by providing more services [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”2012-” open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”]Here we are, a formidable IT team with many years of experience in deploying IT solutions for businesses both small medium and large organisations.We can boost our of service quality and reliability [/spoiler] [/tab] [tab title=”People”] Adsnapshot is an IT Service company that understand that you need the right people to get the job done.At Adsnapshot we believe in Team work so we have a Team of highly Skilled IT Staff that are always willing to help our customers achieve their business objectives.
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Adsnapshot Limited is helping SMEs all over London and Africa by providing them with specialised IT service based on business their requirement.
With more and more companies looking to automate their IT systems, such as data backup ,email hosting and cloud services, the need for a high quality IT support service is greater than ever.

Adsnapshot provides bespoke IT support solutions to small and medium businesses all over London. No two companies are the same, and we adapt our services to meet the needs of each individual company.

IT efficiency
IT is at the heart of most businesses today, and at Adsnapshot, we’re aware of how crucial an efficient IT support service is to your company’s success. Our technical support workers are experienced in data backup, email hosting, hardware supply and technical support and have helped many London companies. Adsnapshot is reliable, and can identify and resolve any range of IT issues – whether from on site or remotely.

Customer satisfaction is our goal
Customer satisfaction is what we continually strive for. If our customers aren’t happy, then neither are we. We will work tirelessly to achieve excellence for all of our customers, and we always look to exceed expectations. At Adsnapshot IT we offer a wide range of IT support services, such as consulting, IT outsourcing, onsite IT support, remote support, hosted solutions, data backup, web development and office relocations. If you have an IT problem, Adsnapshot will be able to fix it – whatever it is.

Trusted, long lasting client relationships
At Adsnapshot we are proud of the long lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients. We’re determined to help our SME clients in London achieve success, and so we’ll always look to provide the best possible IT solution that meets the needs of the business – saving our clients money and helping secure success in the long run.

Adsnapshot pioneering support initiatives and techniques have put us ahead of the competition, and we’re committed to helping our clients step ahead of theirs. A reliable, successful IT system is crucial to any business, and we can help your business achieve success. Call us now to see how we can help you.

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